Trump "placardé" à Lyon en 2016

Trump “placed” in Lyon in 2016

Trump “piazzato” a Lione nel 2016

Trump „platzierte“ in Lyon 2016

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You can purchase “Fine Art” prints under mats that I make myself or
photos with a quality print already framed, via the platform ARTFLAKES.

What is a Fine Art” print:

• print produced according to the quality charter of Digigraphie®,
• guaranteeing color durability for over 60 years,
• a number of prints limited to 30 copies per format,
• each print is numbered (x/30) and stamped with my name: Opaphot® Patrick Guyot,
• and finally, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with the reference of the photo, the number of the print (x/30); all stamped and signed by my hand.

Two formats are offered:

• 40 x 50 cm: 85.00 EUR incl. VAT
• 50 x 70 cm: 150.00 EUR incl. VAT

Shipping costs are included for France. A flat rate shipping cost of 50.00 EUR is applied for other European countries.

By clicking on a thumbnail, you display the photo in large format, or even in full screen. The "cart" icon allows you to add a photo to your selection while specifying its size, the color of the mat (creamy white or black) and the type of photo paper to use.
You can repeat the operation on another photo(s) which will then be added to the “basket”.
After adding all the desired photos to the "cart", close to exit the "large screen" display.

To order, click on the "View cart" button. located in the top bar of the screen. You can then check your choices and place an order in two ways:

• either by clicking on the “Place Order” button. You will receive a confirmation email with all payment details (see below),
• either directly via PayPal: account 'patrick.guyot@opaconsult .com' with direct online payment.

In the case of an order placed via “Place Order”, you have 2 payment methods offered:

bank transfer:
• IBAN: FR76 3000 4021 6300 0100
9826 170
• EURL Opaconsult® (Opaphot®
is the photo activity of Opaconsult®) (Please mention the order number [ORDER_NUMBER] in the transfer description to facilitate bank reconciliation )

and again, via PayPal: account 'patrick.guyot@ opaconsult.com'.
(all these elements are recalled in the confirmation email)

Once payment has been made, you will receive an email with the invoice attached, marked Paid, as well as the shipping date and the tracking number of the package. The invoice will also mention the Picture Reference and the print number (x/30) as they also appear on the Certificate of Authenticity enclosed with the package.

On receipt, all you have to do is frame and hang!

You can also buy good quality prints already framed and ready to hang from the platform ARTFLAKES. But you can also purchase "Posters", direct prints on canvas (Canvas), on aluminum and on acrylic glass as well as simple postcards!

See at the bottom of the page, how to proceed.

Important note: Portfolios – “Winks” & “Seen on the Street” – do not offer the possibility of purchasing photographs displayed individually, but only in the form of Portfolio Box. See details and prices in the respective Portfolios.